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Become Topper CBSE 12 Board Exam Tips-Special Tips

Become Topper CBSE 12 Board Exam Tips-Special Tips|Useful tips for CBSE 12th class students for Board exams|12  CBSE Boards Tips-Bharat Desh Mahan:

As we all know again CBSE boards Exams are coming near.Students starts their preparation and we are here to give students some tips for helping them to score good marks. CBSE 12th boards exams are coming after the end of March 2014. I promise this steps will definitely help you for getting good marks. CBSE making there standards higher every day so don’t be so sad we are with you in these and all exams .


Top Tips For CBSE 12th Boards Exams:

>> Try to study on a regular basis and do not leave it too late for completing your syllabus.

>>Inculcate positive attitude & be confident with your goals.

>> Complete your project, activity and other practical work as early as possible, so that you  can get proper time to complete your syllabus on time

>> Give special emphasis on those subjects in which you are weaker

>> Special attention should be given on revising those chapters which you have already completed.

>>Identify difficult chapters, mark specific topics which trouble you the most and find its solution either online or through any expert teachers.

>>Don’t forget to revise what you have studied in previous days. Devote a minimum time frame for such and  activity by reasoning problems and solving practice papers.

>>Creating deadlines for yourself will teach you the realistic importance of time.

>>Time for recreational activities should be managed as these provide with refreshments. Daily activities like sleep,   exercise etc., must not be skipped.

>>In subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, solve 5-10 question daily to attain constancy in your preparation.

>>First of all, try to finish easier chapters in which you are more comfortable. It will boost your confidence.

>> Do not study at late night. It is not going to help your body. Instead sleep as early as possible and wake up early i the morning.

>> Do not take undue pressure or stress on your mind. It is only going to harm you.

>>Read NCERT books regularly. CBSE board exam question papers are completely based on this book.

>> Do not neglect the diagrams of Biology book or they can tease you in the examination.

>> Take balanced diet and try to remain healthy.

>> Take regular breaks during your study.

>> Try to complete your syllabus till January and dedicate February in doing revision work of various subjects.

>> Leave those chapters which you are unable to memorise. It’s better to become master of one chapter than  becoming slave of all.. In board exam, each chapter generally carries 4-5 marks on an average.

>> On examination day don’t think about those chapters which you have not remembered. Feel confident about those lessons which you have learned well. It will increase your confidence and will remove your stress.


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